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Image processing optimises the laser process

LS Laser Systems GmbH integrates a camera and an image processing into your laser system. This option allows the user:

  • Simple position teach-in functions
  • Automated position control
  • Correction of angular errors and offsets

The user can select from three different image processing functions:

Each function generates co-ordinates for the correction of position errors of the work piece within the laser work station.

Adapted image settings for reliable image processing

Using variable adjustable video parameters allows optimisation of the illumination settings for each work piece. These settings can be integrated into your user program. This tool allows you to set brightness and contrast in a simple way using a slide controller. You can observe the changes automatically within the live image.

BV Datamatrix  

Reading of 2D-codes and text

Additional to the image processing LS Laser Systems GmbH has integrated an option to read data matrix codes. This feature reads 2-dimensional barcodes within the data matrix coding and verifies the result with the input data. A further application is the recognition of text. This function is not limited to OCR-fonts, you can teach any font or sign and later you can verify taught information.

Auto focus optimises laser focus

The auto focus function needs motorised z-axes and then optimises the focal position of the laser beam. The identification of the focal position is based on the analysis of several images. Between each image the motorised z-axes is moved automatically. After the analysis of all images the function can determine the focal position.