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The LS-MaTriCS software is used to control all our laser markers, laser trimmers and special laser systems. The software package contains the following possibilities:

  • Process control in flowchart logic
  • Execution in real-time or single step
  • Simulation and debugging
  • Teach-In mode
  • configurable display
  • simple integration to process lines
  • Image processing (optional)
  • on-line documentation
  • Software_GL_1_GB

The user programs are developed by means of a flowchart which includes a list of commands. During programming the software checks for missing program parts, such as specific parameters, and requests the user to insert these.

  • Software_GL_2_GB

Simulation supports programming

Each user program can be simulated. On the monitor all positions and laser cuts are illustrated as lines within a simulated field of work.

Databases, CAD-gating

Helpful programs simplify connection to CAD systems and facilitate laser conversion to individual fillings and hatchings. It optimises vector- (hpgl, dxf) and raster graphics for laser marking. Programming variables allows connection to data bases.

HTML-surface for simple operation

Beside the programmer surface you can run The LS-MaTriCS software can be runin two modes 'flowchar' or HTML. In HTML mode customised html-pages are shown instead of the program flow-chart. This allows you to manage company logos and variable data as well as start actions like input of variable data.

  • Software_GL_3_GB