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Laser micro-processing is cutting, scribing and drilling of different materials in small dimensions. Depending on the material and the application we select the right laser source and provide the micro-processing system with the suitable focussing optics.

High precision by laser processing

Because of the small focus of the laser beam the micro-processing can be done rapidly, economically and with the highest efficiency. The LS-MaTriCS software controls the process for 3D-areas too and considers all imaginable errors via look-up tables that will be generated  specifically for each system.


A laser micro-processing system automates and improves your application. The customised solutions provided by LS system modules optimise costs while at the same time maximising efficiency. Depending on the application the most suitable laser will be integrated and controlled by the LS-MaTriCS-Software. The laser source could be any type of laser such as CO2-laser, UV-laser, YAG laser or fibre laser as well as a ps-laser.

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The LS software runs under Windows. The programs can be generated flexibly in a flowchart. Simple, configurable interfaces permit the seamless integration of external systems as well as the connection to higher level host computers. Parameter and command items using configurable dialog boxes facilitate programming and reduce programming time.

Image processing automates process

The integrated image processing automates your micro processing. It can recognise register marks and automatically compensate angular errors and position offsets. Several adjustable mono-chromatic diode clusters guarantee an even and large-area illumination of your working field. The optional co-axial lightning optimises the image processing for highly reflecting materials such like silicon or gold.