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A laser mark is produced by deflecting the laser beam via a high-speed mirror system (galvanometer). A flat field lens focuses the beam on the work piece. The concentrated beam creates a mark by engraving, causing a colour change, foaming or by vaporising a thin film from the surface. There are no limits for any application, because the marking is software controlled.

Flexible and reliable

With LS Laser Marker you will achieve fast, flexible, durable and economical results even for small lots. Inscriptions can be made with the LS Laser Marker on virtually any material. The Laser Marker can even mark on curved surfaces, in a circle and on-the-fly.

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A laser marker system automates and improves your marking application. The customised solutions provided by LS system modules optimise costs while at the same time maximising efficiency. The solutions range from OEM systems for integration into production lines to complete stand-alone systems with rotating table, x,y,z table, and label handling equipment. All systems are available with automated handling.


Know-how and expertise

The OEM version of the laser marker includes the laser, beam deflection unit, power supply, PC and software. I/O-ports and standard interfaces simplify communication with your production line. LS Laser Systems develops complete customised stand-alone systems in a laser class 1 safety environment. The optional image processing module permits automated position correction for the marking of even the smallest components.



The LS software runs under Windows. The programs can be generated flexibly in a flowchart. Simple, configurable interfaces permit the seamless integration of external systems as well as the connection to higher level host computers. Parameter and command items using configurable dialog boxes facilitate programming and reduce programming time.